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Kamikaze Confessions

This a blog centered around one of the biggest Thai Pop labels, Kamikaze and their mother company RS. You can submit your confessions, or questions, or you can submit pictures of them and news on them. As international fans, we miss a lot and I am here to create that bridge. (I actually accept all RS confessions, the URL was just taken)
Mar 9 '14

Who missed me?

I’m back!

Sep 2 '13

Anyone want to submit?

Aug 13 '13


Waii asks to stop with the rude comments!

Yes I am ASIAN and I am proud to be Thai 👌✨ just because I dyed my hair blonde and wear fake contacts doesn’t mean that I’m fake. I dyed my hair blonde because I WANTED to. I wear colored contacts because I LIKE to! Stop it with the rude comments ✋

Waii is no stranger to criticism, and honestly she may be one of the strongest singers in the genre because she still sings even after all of the things she’s been accused of, made fun of and even hated for. In technicality, Waii has never truly done anything wrong, but she has the Miley Cyrus complex, where the public gives you an image to portray and slays you when you don’t fit. While I am not fond of how her relationships with certain people seem, I am extremely proud of the strong woman she has become, and how she can walk with her chin up. In the wake of mother’s day, I want to thank her mother for raising her to be such a strong woman.

Waii wears a lot of make-up, it is a fact, but she is obviously experimenting, being an old fan of hers, I know that Waii is just trying to find herself. Her blonde hair is because she wants to try something new, there is nothing wrong with it. If you are a real fan and you have seen how she replies to people on tumblr and instagram when she is offended, you’d understand Waii is not fake.

Don’t forget that Waii is human too, and she clearly lays out her insecurities like a bed of soil. When we see Waii “smile, smile, smile” the reason it may look fake is because she is holding back a frown that she has because of the hateful comments. So please, everyone, be respectful.

Source: Waii’s instagram

Aug 1 '13

Wanna get the updates on Thai Pop as it happens?

Follow Thai Pop Blog! From music videos, to images, to news to everything THAI POP!

Jul 31 '13


So this blog is hereby active.

While I am here, i will be cleaning this blog up, so I started a second dub blog called Thai Pop Blog, so feel free to follow.

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Jul 28 '13

Yup. It is amazing.

Jul 28 '13
Kamikaze, I can’t take all of this teasing!!!!

Kamikaze, I can’t take all of this teasing!!!!

Jul 28 '13
That awkward moment when Poppy’s 0:31 dance version of Thank You For Your Love has more views than Thank You’s 4:09 dance version of Thank You For Your Love.

That awkward moment when Poppy’s 0:31 dance version of Thank You For Your Love has more views than Thank You’s 4:09 dance version of Thank You For Your Love.

Jul 19 '13


Yet another hiatus. 

Just for a while…

not that anyone would care.

I know I have said it a few times, but over the next week or two, I will be deciding whether or not I will keep this blog.

There are 71 followers and the same five submit (don’t get me wrong, I love you guys), but it is getting really hard to deal with inactivity. 

I started this blog because I wanted to create somewhere for Thai Pop people to call home, but apparently none of you guys want to be here, so I have failed. This time I seriously thinking of clicking the red button and the past few times I haven’t done it because for some stupid reason i thought I could try all of these gimmicks and all of these cosmetic changes to get more people active, but it is obviously not going to work, so I am seriously considering terminating this blog. 

During this hiatus if (and I mean there is a slim chance this will happen) I get a confession i may post it and if something really big happens I will bring it up, but do not expect it on time, they will probably be posted a few weeks later. Anyway, I am going to relax and wallow in some self pity for a while. Hopefully this crappy blog I have been running hasn’t clouded your judgement of Thai Pop. It is a great genre, full of amazing artists with great talent. Do not let this crap show turn you away, please.

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Jul 19 '13

Anonymous asked:

Ew, ur blog suks, why even copy the other thai confession blog??!!!! we dont need both.

I help run the Thai Pop Confessions and my blog is like four months older. I don’t want to sound like a jackass, but do you even know how much shit I’ve done for Kamikaze and just Thai Pop in general? Do you know how much fucking research I have done? Do you know how many fucking late nights I had to stay up to watch live Thai TV (Thailand is half a day ahead of me) to keep posted so you guys know what is going on? Do you know that I wake up every morning and I look at every Thai record label I knows’ Youtube, twitter, official website, and if they have it, their instagram? I will not be disrespected in my house. You hate my blog? Leave.